First Meeting A Rousing Success– Work Groups Forming

The first meeting of the “Friends” was attended by nearly 50 people!  Dr. Richard Hull gave a brief overview of the life of Hathorn, then Paul Dolan outline some of the ideas the group had been working on, and invited everyone’s suggestions.

Ideas that were offered include:

  • Tie the house in to major Revolutionary War sites, through the career of Hathorn, in preparation for the upcoming 250th anniversary of the Revolution.
  • Participate in a “history trail” that would encourage historical tourism.
  • Have the house tie into with the agricultural heritage of the area and agritourism.
  • Have an antiques fair as a fundraiser.
  • Partner with neighboring landowner to create a “teaching garden” or permaculture site.
  • Have the house be flexible in use and include some commercial use so that it pays its own way, such as an office, shop, or restaurant.

We started forming groups of people to work on various aspects of the project: management plan, research, video, grants, etc. 

We encourage all who would like to help to step forward and join our efforts to preserve the house and create something that will be good for the whole community and promote Warwick as a destination.