Hathorn Returns to West Point! And Work Group Progress

Thanks to one of our “Friends”, Kevin Hathorn, who is a descendant of the General and is our co-chair, has been invited to attend the West Point graduation ceremony this week.  He will be honored with sitting with the Sons of the American Revolution delegation in the Superintendent’s box.  It is truly wonderful to see the memory of John Hathorn so distinguished.

Our work groups are making solid progress:

–One of our Friends has been meeting with major funding organizations to discuss the project.

–The “management plan” team has is working on a draft management plan, and has met with representatives of the Warwick Historical Society and Orange County Historian Johanna Porr.  The Orange County Historical Society has also indicated support for the project.

–The “video team” is working on a draft outline and script for a video about the life of Hathorn; we are being assisted by Robert Campbell, a professional videographer who has won several New York Emmy awards.

–Preliminary work on evaluating the condition of the house has been done, and we are working towards a preliminary Historic Structure Report to further document the house and needed steps for its repair.