“Birthday Party” for the Great Chain!

All invited!  Email us with questions: hathornhouse@gmail.com.  Senior center entrances is at the REAR of the upper parking lot.



The 240th anniversary of the Great Chain

Read about the Great Chain and the rediscovery of the forge:


and don’t forget to join us for the “Great Chain Birthday Party” on April 9 @ 6:30 PM, Senior Center at Warwick Town Hall, 132 Kings Highway.


New pin available!

Our Friend Carol Ann Cesare generously commissioned a custom-made lapel pin for us. It will be given to our loyal volunteers and contributors.  It is a great “conversation starter” about Hathorn and his men, and the Revolutionary War legacy of our area.  What a wonderful gift!  It is based on an architectural drawing donated to us by artist Catherine Pierson DeCesare.  We are truly lucky in our Friends!

Membership Pin
This beautiful pin was commissioned by our loyal Friend Carol Ann Cesare, and will be given to our volunteers and supporters to help spread the word.